Simple Philosophy

At Harvest Financial, protecting our client's money is our number one priority. Whether you are an aggressive or conservative investor, our unique investment methodology will help protect your assets and grow your wealth even through uncertain market conditions. Learn more at Investment Methodology


Unbiased Investment Advice

As an independent wealth management firm, we offer clients the benefit of unbiased advice. When it comes to recommending which investment vehicles are appropriate for their wealth building goals, we select only those investments that are most suitable for our clients needs and risk tolerances. Unlike brokers, who are merely subject to a so-called suitability standard (and for whom conflicts of interest and self-dealing are allowed), Harvest Financial investment advisors are bound to a fiduciary standard. This requires a commitment to always put our clients interests above our own. 


**Many Investment Advisors are compensated only if the Investor's money remains in the fund or investment they put it in. We receive no commissions or hidden fees from recommending or moving funds from one investment vehicle to another.